Partnering with brand owners in Australia and across the world, our Pinnacle Drinks sourcing team focus on bringing the best products exclusively to our customers.


With more than 100 partners across the world, Pinnacle Drinks is an expert in managing exclusive products into the Australian market. From an award-winning Champagne from a Champagne House established in 1760 to a single-malt Whisky from the highlands of Scotland, the Pinnacle Drinks exclusive brand portfolio is rich in brands which over-deliver on quality and character.

Our team based in Surry Hills, in Sydney, is highly specialised in marketing and building brands for the Australian market.



Partnering With Us



If you are interested in bringing a brand exclusively into the Australian market via Pinnacle Drinks, please complete the form under the Contact Us page and our sourcing team will be in contact with you shortly.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the Endeavour Group Limited, please visit